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The Ultimate Guide to Identifying and Controlling Spider Mites In Your Aiken Garden

June 20, 2023

Spider mites are a problematic pest found in natural, outdoor environments throughout many parts of South Carolina. Spider mites eat a variety of organic materials including woody plants, fruit-bearing plants, and several types of trees. They are called “spider” mites because they produce silky webs similar to those that many types of spiders do.

Are you wondering what is the best way to get rid of spider mites? Those facing problems involving these creatures should consult with a licensed pest control professional regarding an inspection. A properly trained and equipped Aiken pest control company is familiar with the various types of mites found on properties in this region and understands the most effective solutions for these troublesome pests.

spider mite on a leaf

Accurate Spider Mite Identification: Key Features And Visual Cues

Spider mites in Aiken use specialized mouthparts to feed on leaves and extract the cells that many plants depend on. What remains is essentially a thin exterior that often appears in a “silvery” color. Plants targeted by spider mites often have yellowish leaves and are covered in a layer of web-like material. Because of their small size, spider mites are often difficult to clearly discern using only the naked eye.

What are some of the most likely signs of spider mites on your Aiken property? Researchers from the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences at Clemson University explain that some of the most commonly encountered types of spider mites in this region include two-spotted spider mites, spruce spider mites, and southern red mites. The two-spotted spider mite has two distinctive “dot-like” markings on its back.

The spruce spider mite is most prevalent during the spring and fall and has a brown appearance. The southern red mite has a reddish appearance and most commonly attacks types of Rhododendrons and Camelia.

Consequences Of Ignoring Spider Mites: Extensive Plant Damage

When the damage from a small number of spider mites is often very minor, larger infestations can substantially damage annual plants. The leaves of infested plants generally fall prematurely, as the nutrients needed for maintaining them are extracted. Although plants often survive spider mite infestations, prolonged exposure without treatment can kill the plants.

Keep Spider Mites At Bay: Prevention Tips And Techniques

Are you a local homeowner that lacks an understanding of how to prevent spider mites? Some of the best practices for preventing these unwanted pests include the following:

  • Before purchasing plants from stores, nurseries, or other retailers, inspect them carefully for any signs of spider mite activity.
  • Keep lawn and garden areas watered, as excessively dry plants and trees are more vulnerable to these pests. 
  • Spray the plants with a garden hose to help remove spider mites.

While these preventative measures are often effective, those struggling with an active spider mite infestation should contact a local pest control professional for assistance.

Eliminate A Spider Mite Infestation: Call The Pros For Total Control

Have your efforts to get rid of spider mites resulted in further frustration? The technicians with Jury Pest Services receive much of the latest training regarding how to treat spider mites and will safely oust these pests from the premises.

In addition to spider mites, our team of local professionals provides truly comprehensive pest control solutions. We are prepared to help homeowners in the Aiken area with bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites, and a host of other bothersome and potentially harmful pests. We will deploy a trained specialist to the property to perform a detailed inspection and choose the best available form of treatment.

We recognize that property owners have made sacrifices to ensure their home is a welcoming environment. If pests are creating problems on your property, contact our office today for further details.

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