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Crawlspace Encapsulation & Vapor Barriers

Protect Your Georgia & South Carolina Home In The CSRA And Beyond While Lowering Energy Costs

Moist areas draw pests like moths to a flame! These areas are also prone to fungus and fungi, which can cause health problems for members of your family. To help prevent moisture retention in your home, Jury Pest Services offers crawlspace dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, and affordable encapsulation services to eliminate moisture issues in your crawlspace or basement. Not only does this service decrease the chance of wood-destroying organisms and insect infestations but can also fight back fungi and fungus problems, but it also has the added benefit of reducing your power bill by up to 15%. That’s what we call a win-win!

Our Crawlspace Encapsulation Service Process

moisture in basement inside a home in richland county south carolina

At Jury Pest Services, we begin each encapsulation service with an inspection to assess any moisture damage to the wood in your crawlspace. We then apply a treatment to the wood, and we clean up the area before installing anything.

Our crawlspace encapsulation service includes the following:

  • Wrapping some or enough of the walls and ground with no more than what would allow for a proper wood destroying insect inspection.

  • Laying down a floor system.

  • Sealing vents.

  • Installing LED lights (option).

  • Changing doors, (option) if necessary.

  • Installing a dehumidifying system.

Once your service is complete, with a properly installed to code dehumidifier your crawlspace will no longer retain moisture, and any moisture that does get in will be taken care of by the dehumidifier.

What's Causing Moisture In Your Crawlspace?

Most homes built without a basement or slab have a crawlspace. This area is typically small, with just enough space to crawl around in and has a dirt floor. The purpose of a crawlspace is twofold; it allows air to circulate through your house and allows easy access to plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring, and other similar items.

Until recently it was encouraged, and sometimes required, that crawlspaces vent directly outside. However, in recent years air conditioning has become commonplace, and in most homes the ductwork for these systems runs through the crawlspace. When hot outdoor air comes into contact with surfaces cooled by the ductwork, condensation forms, causing moisture problems that can lead to mold, mildew, and the perfect living environment for all kinds of destructive pests. At Jury Pest Services, we have a solution to this moisture problem - encapsulation services. Our services use vapor barriers to protect your crawlspace from damaging moisture problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Crawlspace Encapsulation?

basement dehumidfier

There are many benefits that our encapsulation services provide to South Carolina properties. Encapsulation makes your home more energy efficient by retaining heat during the winter and cool air in the summer. Some additional benefits to this service include:

  • Helping to regulate the temperature inside your home.

  • Lowering your power bill by up to 15%.

  • Making your floors feel warmer during the winter.

  • Deterring moisture-seeking pests from invading.

  • Eliminating fungus and fungi problems and the health risks that come with them.

  • Reducing the odors in your home caused by fungi, fungus, and moisture damage.

With our climate, it's easy to end up with areas in our homes that retain moisture. Unfortunately, if left unaddressed, this will cause a lot of problems down the road. By taking advantage of the vapor barrier or encapsulation services we offer homes in all counties and beyond of the CSRA of Georgia & South Carolina, you’ll love knowing that the air you breathe is clean. You'll also like the money it saves by providing you an energy-efficient home. We also provide our professional services to homes and businesses in Columbia County, GA, Edgefield County, SC, Barnwell County, SC, and beyond. To request your inspection and get started with your encapsulation service, contact us today!


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