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Benefits Of Year-Round Pest Control In North Augusta

September 15, 2019

Preemptive action is always better than reaction. In the case of home defense, it is easier to invest in a security system to keep out intruders than it is to replace stolen items after a burglary has occurred (not to mention that some items cannot be replaced). The same is true for pest control. Without the proper defenses in place, you will be reacting to the problems pests cause in your home. Instead of preventing rodents, you will be patching up walls they have chewed through. Rather than keeping out cockroaches, you could find yourself paying medical bills to treat a disease they spread to a member of your family. It will always be better to stop pests, rather than to wait until they invade and suffer the consequences.

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General Problems Pests Cause

There are three types of problems when it comes to pests: annoyance, danger, and destruction. To better explain each, let us break it down for you.

Annoying Pests
These are the pests that drive you crazy but don’t pose any direct harm to you or your home. A great example of these are flies, ladybugs, and stink bugs. As these pests buzz around your homes, they cause stress to residents within.

Dangerous Pests
These pests go beyond just being annoying and pose a real risk to people. Most commonly these are filthy pests such as roaches and rodents that track bacteria into homes and across eating surfaces. This combined with the excrement and urine they leave throughout your home could get you and your family very sick.

Destructive Pests
Destructive pests could be anything from a rodent chewing through your wall to termites eating away at the structural wood of your home. Generally, most pests looking to destroy your home do not pose any direct risk to your health. They do, however, pose a serious danger to your home. Given enough time, a termite or carpenter ant infestation can cause massive damage to your home that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

How Year-Round Pest Control Can Help

Just like a home security system, year-round pest control, courtesy of Jury Pest Services, is designed to stop home invaders before they get inside and cause trouble. With a combination of methods and treatments, we can give your home it’s best chance to remain pest-free year-round. This keeps not only you, but also your home, safe. Plus, it makes sure annoying pests aren’t bothering you when you are just trying to relax. Once you invest in year-round pest protection, you will never want to go back. A pest-free home is worth every penny.

If you are ready to take the leap and find the right pest protection plan for your North Augusta home, Jury Pest Services is here and ready to help. With several options for you to choose from, we are confident we have the right choice for you. Contact JPS to join our family and get the services you deserve. Reach out for quality pest control today!

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