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Don’t Let Termites Eat You Out Of Your Georgia or South Carolina Property!

In our warm, humid climate, termite activity is practically a given. If you haven’t taken steps to prevent them, they’ll sneak into the walls of your home or business and make it their restaurant. Unfortunately, because termites go unnoticed for long periods, it’s possible to end up with a large infestation that damages your property to the point of making it uninhabitable. To avoid this fate, termite prevention is essential. Jury Pest Services offers an array of termite services to protect your South Carolina or Georgia home or business.

Our Termite Control Options

many termites crawling on damaged wood at a home in columbia south carolina

Jury Pest Services provides two types of termite control treatment options.* We apply our liquid termite treatment into the soil around the perimeter of your home or business. This treatment is undetectable to termites, so they pass through it without notice. Once they’ve picked it up on their bodies, it’s passed along to the other members of their colony, eventually eliminating them all.

Our termite baiting systems are another excellent option for termite control. We place the bait stations strategically around the perimeter of your home or business. When termites take the bait, they alert other termites to its presence, as well as carry it back to members of their colony.

New Construction

If you’re in the process of building a new home or business, now is the perfect time to protect it from termites. Jury Pest Services provides termite control for new buildings that are under construction. Providing service at this stage allows us to access areas we can’t reach after the construction is complete. Our new construction termite protection comes with a one-year warranty that is renewable after the first year for up to eight years.


If your home or business is built already, don’t worry! Jury Pest Services will still provide effective termite control services. We begin with an inspection to see if there are signs that you have a current termite problem. We document our findings with photos that we show you upon completion of the examination. We also provide an estimate for our services at this time, and if you choose to move forward within 30 days of your initial inspection, we will apply the cost of your inspection to your service fee.

*Our termite treatments come with a one-year renewable warranty.

WDO/WDI Reports

If you’re buying or selling a home or business, many lenders require that there be an inspection of the property and a Wood-Destroying Organism/Wood-Destroying Insect Report be filled out by a licensed professional. Jury Pest Services provides this service. We’ll perform the inspection and fill out the necessary paperwork.

Protect Your Biggest Investment With Jury Pest Services

From new construction properties to buildings that are decades old, Jury Pest Services offers termite treatment options that will work for you. We provide our professional services to homes and businesses in All Counties of the CSRA and Beyond of Georgia & South Carolina. To request your initial termite inspection or to schedule termite treatment services for your Georgia or South Carolina property, contact Jury Pest Services today!


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