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Aiken County is a great county in the state of South Carolina that has a population of about 179,124, While Aiken might be most famous for it's thoroughbred horse races, polo and steeplechases and as a winter colony there are many homes and businesses in our area that sometimes have to deal with pest infestations. Because Aiken, SC is temperate and humid all throughout the year, it makes a good home for many common pests that remain active year-round. Jury Pest Services has over 70 years of experience providing high-quality pest control services to all residents of Aiken, Edgefield, North Augusta, Graniteville, Lexington, Williston, Beech Island, Barnwell, SC and all neighboring counties of the CSRA.

Home Pest Control In Aiken, SC

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When you’re spending time at your home, you want to be able to enjoy yourself and feel like your space is relaxing. Finding out that you have a pest problem can make your home a stressful place to be, and you’ll want to eliminate the pest as quickly as you can. Whether you’re dealing with rodents or spiders or bed bugs, getting your home back to normal is important.

Our residential pest control for Aiken, Edgefield, North Augusta, Graniteville, Lexington, Williston, Barnwell, Beech Island, SC and All surrounding homes is based on a comprehensive system that addresses five different zones inside and out. Our 5-zone approach to home pest control will address the following areas of your residence:

Zone One – Interior as needed

Zone Two – Immediate lower exterior

Zone Three – Immediate upper exterior

Zone Four – Ornamental zone

Zone Five – Inspection zone (The outskirts of your yard or property)

If you’re a homeowner in Aiken, SC, you can trust the technicians here at Jury Pest Services to provide efficient, safe, and effective pest control services. Our pest control process ensures that we are checking all over your property so we can address any pest problems swiftly.

Commercial Pest Control In Aiken, SC

For commercial businesses, having a pest-free building is especially important because it impacts your reputation. Customers and patrons aren't likely to want to visit your establishment if you have pests around. Some pests can also leave you with health and safety violations, meaning your business can't stay open and causing you to pay fines. Our commercial pest control for Aiken businesses addresses many pests, including ants, bed bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, termites, and many more.

Why Residents Should Consider Professional Lawn Care In Aiken, SC

When it comes to pest control, one area that many people forget about is their yard. Many different kinds of pests can destroy your lawn and plants. Lawn care services from Jury Pest Services are the way to go to keep your yard looking beautiful and avoid spending lots of money to fix problems down the road.

Our complete, effective lawn maintenance services include the following features:

  • Mole trapping and removal services.

  • Treatments for fire ants, mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

  • Individualized lawn care plans to fit your needs.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is essential to protect your property from Aiken's toughest pests. You can count on us to provide effective pest services for Aiken properties.

3 Things Everyone In Aiken, SC Should Know About Termites 

Termites are one of the most destructive pests out there because they can do so much damage to your property. In fact, termites cause around five billion dollars in damages across the United States each year! Don't end up spending thousands of dollars fixing the destruction that termites will cause!

Here are three things you should know about termites in the Aiken, SC area:

1. Learn how to identify termites. Most termites are less than half an inch long with soft bodies and straight antennae. They are usually a white to light brown color.

2. Notice the signs of a termite infestation. Some signs include wood that feels papery, discolored drywall, and noises in the wall that are similar to clicking. 

3. Practice common termite prevention tips. Some things you can do to prevent termites include removing wood that is next to the foundation of your home, fix broken pipes or leaky plumbing, and remove dead trees from your yard.

If you notice a termite problem, contact Jury Pest Services right away before the problem gets worse. We offer in Aiken, Williston, North Augusta, Barnwell, Edgefield, Johnston, Graniteville, Lexington, & Surrounding Counties reliable termite control services with renewal options to ensure the best ongoing termite protection available. To request a subterranean termite inspection or schedule termite treatments in Aiken, contact Jury Pest Services today!


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