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What You Should Know About The Spider Mites In Augusta

August 15, 2022

Spider mites are a common nuisance in Augusta during the summer. They may not be harmful to people, but they’re a nightmare to your beautiful plants. They live together in colonies, latch on leaves’ undersides, and feed on their chlorophyll.

This feeding can stunt your plant’s development and even kill it. These critters multiply fast and aren’t easy to eliminate on your own. Save your plants before it’s too late. Call pest control in Augusta when you spot even a single spider mite on your property to be on the safe side.

little spider mite on a leaf

What Do Spider Mites Look Like?

These buggers resemble colorful moving dots on your plants’ leaves from a distance. As the name suggests, a spider mite looks like a small spider under a magnifying glass.

It has piercing, sucking mouthparts that they use to feed on plant sap. The mites attack indoor and outdoor plants in your garden and home. They measure at least 1/50-inch and have an oval body, along with four sets of legs.

They come in various colors, including:

  • Orange-red
  • Translucent
  • Brown
  • Green

Female spider mites are often larger than males and can lay hundreds of mite eggs on their webs. You can spot these silk structures on the leaves’ undersides and stems. The web remains the same color despite the critter’s species.

Can Spider Mites Infest My Pets?

No, thankfully, they can’t. They feast exclusively on plant enzymes and chlorophyll. The plant's leaves will turn bronzish or yellowish and fall when the critter sucks sap from them. However, they can temporarily burrow into your precious pet’s coat and use them as transport to reach your house’s plants.
Since the pests go unnoticed almost always, you should let a professional pest control company intervene. They have the equipment and skills to identify spider mites on weed and exterminate them.

What Are The Signs Of A Spider Mite Infestation?

Imagine how much havoc a spider mite can cause and compare it to the damage thousands of them can do. The best way to stop them is to learn to tell when there are spider mites indoors so that you can catch an infestation early. Here are some common manifestations of their presence:

1. Tiny webs on the leaves with visible mites on them
2. Discoloration of leaves' hue on the underside
3. Spider mite eggs on the leaves
4. Dead leaves on the plant or the ground around it

The buggers can re-infest your plants at different times of the year, even when you kill spider mites on plants. Their second or third is always more severe than the first. DIY spider mite-killing techniques aren't always effective. That's why you should let a specialist pest exterminator handle spider mites in the garden on time.

How Can I Get Mites Away From My Home For Good?

There's no better way to exterminate tiny red spider mites than hiring an expert pest control company like Jury Pest Services to face them head-on. We're based in North Augusta, SC, and have been serving residents in the area plus those in the neighboring locations since 1947!

We pride ourselves on our straightforward yet effective pest control solutions for handling nuisance buggers like spider mites. Our experienced and licensed technicians start a thorough inspection of your home's interior and exterior upon arrival. Afterward, they create a customized treatment plan to suit your requirements.

They spray powerful, EPA-approved solutions on the affected plants, covering every angle within a short time. Our final offering is a follow-up service to ensure your beautiful plants are spider mite-free. See what we have today.

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