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What Every Aiken Property Owner Needs To Know About German Cockroaches

January 15, 2021

Cockroaches of any species belong anywhere but inside your Aiken property. Unfortunately, German cockroaches are famous for not listening to that memo. In fact, they're the most common home invader of all cockroach species. Besides invading homes, they are also known to invade places of business. More specifically, they invade hospitals, restaurants, and food processing facilities among other similar locations.

a german cockroach perched on a rock

In case you're not sure if it's a German cockroach that's invaded, you can identify them by their light brown or tan color. Also, they have two parallel stripes running down their back. Finally, they have wings, but you'll find them running when they move more than anything.

Small Pest Equals Big Problems

Make no mistake, their small appearance doesn't mean they don't cause problems for Aiken property owners. The main problem they cause is how much they contaminate everything they touch. German cockroaches are known to feed on human and roach feces along with other disgusting materials, which means pathogens and bacteria follow them everywhere they travel. For this reason, common illnesses associated with them are salmonella, dysentery, diarrhea, and asthma among others.
As if their ability to cause illnesses wasn't bad enough, they are also extremely difficult to remove from the premises. This is mostly because they are difficult to kill, invade in large numbers, and reproduce rapidly. Since this particular breed has three ways to avoid elimination, your only recourse is to seek professional cockroach control services in the event of an existing infestation.

Keep The Cockroaches Away

No matter the breed, cockroach prevention is much easier than cockroach control. You can get ahead of the game by following these tips we've collected for your review:

  • Trash Management: German cockroaches will gladly dive into your trash. For this reason, you need to make the trash inaccessible with proper trash management. If you do, a part of the battle is already won.

  • Don't Live Dirty: German cockroaches thrive in filth and dirtiness. Your best move is to practice cleanliness. Wipe counters down, sweep floors, mop the floors, pick up clutter and debris, and do everything you can to make your property perfectly clean.

  • Utility Pipes: This species will get in through the plumbing and sewer lines. If you protect these entrances and block them ahead of time, you will have fewer chances of a German cockroach invasion.

  • Eliminate Moisture: All cockroaches need water to live. Without accessible moisture, this species will not stick around. Check for leaks, standing water, and other moisture sources to keep them at bay.

  • Professional Assistance: Bringing in the professionals before there's a problem is a great way to ensure a problem never develops in the first place. Plus, they'll help keep you protected against other pests while they're hard at work.

Remove The German Cockroaches With Jury Pest Services

German cockroaches are a pain to deal with, which is why our team at Jury Pest Services provides a 5-Zone approach guaranteed to deliver the results you need. Not only does this mean German cockroaches aren't a problem anymore, but we'll also address any other pest that threatens the wellbeing of your Aiken property.

Since 1947, we've provided pest control solutions to the residents of South Carolina and Georgia, which is why our customers know they can trust us to eliminate your pest problem while keeping your property safe from ongoing damage.

Are you in need of German cockroach prevention services? Then give our team at Jury Pest Services a call or go online to get started with our pest control options. A cockroach free property is within your grasp.

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