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Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of German Roaches in Augusta

November 15, 2022

The German cockroach is one of the smallest species of cockroach and is found everywhere humans live. These roaches adapt quickly to climatic and environmental conditions, making them resistant to many common pesticides. However, a few eggs can cause a substantial German cockroach infestation, so it's essential to be proactive and consistent in treating these pests. Jury Pest Services provides effective cockroach pest control in Augusta.

Eliminating German cockroaches is not easy, so hiring a professional pest control provider is advisable to help you completely eradicate German cockroach populations and German cockroach nests. Pest management experts will use the right methods to eliminate the infestation from the source. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to get rid of the German roaches at home

two german cockroaches together

Hidden Insects: Rooting Out the Hidden German Cockroaches

Do you plan to get rid of these nocturnal insects? First, you have to identify the problem. Walk around the house with a flashlight and inspect cracks in the kitchen, bathroom, behind kitchen appliances, and along baseboards for any roach activity. Although roaches are hard to spot in the daytime, you can find shed skins, droppings, or even dead cockroaches.

Next, clean areas with potential cockroach activity. How to get rid of cockroaches naturally includes ensuring that your house is clean. Sweep up all crumbs, especially under and behind appliances, and wipe up spills. Store all food in sealed containers, including pet food. 

Phases of The German Cockroach Lifecycle

There are three stages in the 100-day life cycle of a German cockroach: egg, nymph, and adult:

  • Egg: The eggs of a German cockroach are contained in brown egg casings known as oothecae which can each hold about 35 eggs. Oothecae are very tough and can survive extreme conditions.
  • Nymph: Two days before hatching, the female German cockroach will secure the casings in a protected area. Next, nymphs emerge and then become grown black and dark brown cockroaches. Nymphs are usually wingless; they molt up to seven times and can mature fully within 100 days.
  • Adult: After the last successful molting, the German cockroach is usually 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch long with wings. Although they have fully developed wings, they rarely fly.

Successful German cockroach control relies on eliminating all stages of the lifecycle. The experts at Jury Pest Services offer effective German cockroach control for an entire infestation.

German Cockroach Prevention Tips for Augusta Residents

If you despise the sight of cockroaches and you want to prevent German cockroaches from infesting your home, here are a few tips to help out:

  • Seal all house entrances: Cockroaches seek indoor spaces when the summer heat is too much or when it's too cold and they need warmth. Roaches access houses through the door, window, or foundation cracks. To prevent this, use weatherstripping to close the door and window gaps and caulk to seal up cracks in the foundation.
  • Control crumbs piling up: Food scraps are the best calling cards for roaches. Regularly vacuum the floors and ensure you wipe down counters every evening because roaches are highly active at night. You can also restrict eating to the dining or kitchen area to avoid spreading crumbs around the house.
  • Ensure the kitchen area is clean: Keeping the kitchen clean is the most effective way to prevent roaches from accessing your home. Take out the garbage, avoid leaving unwashed dishes with food bits in the sink overnight, and teach kids how to keep the kitchen clean. 
  • Dry damp areas: Leaking pipes and dripping faucets attract cockroaches. Check for moisture under sinks and behind toilets. Use a dehumidifier to keep basements and other damp areas dry.

The general rule is maintaining a clean house and ensuring that moist areas are dry. These steps are crucial to ensuring that roaches stay away from your home.

Professional German Cockroach Extermination in Augusta

You should prioritize getting rid of roaches if they infest your house. If they stay, they will reproduce and cause illness and stress that you do not want to deal with. When you hire professional roach control services, you will get a treatment plan that will apply different treatment methods in high-roach activity areas identified during the house inspection. Contact Jury Pest Services to schedule a cockroach inspection today.

Cockroaches can infest your house quickly, especially when the female roach finds ideal spots to store eggs for hatching. If you can seal all house entrances, keep your kitchen clean, dry moist areas, and still see the presence of cockroaches in your house, contact the professionals at Jury Pest Services in Augusta. We have the experience and commitment to eliminate cockroach infestations and protect your home from contamination problems that roaches can cause. Contact us today to find out how we can get rid of your roach problem.

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