Three Reasons Everyone In Aiken Ought To Consider Crawlspace Encapsulation

April 27, 2020

Everyone who lives in the South knows how much pride we all take in our southern roots, whether our upbringing warrants it or not. Like Luke Bryan said (kinda), whatever you think makes you “country” is what makes you country. However, one part of this “country” lifestyle we love to brag about is the humidity. Whether your southern lifestyle is the night lights of Columbia or Atlanta or the rolling fields of Aiken, humidity is one thing that we can’t escape. And, other than making it hard to walk out of your house without breaking a sweat, the humidity can really do a number on our homes, especially the parts we don’t think about very often.

a small attic crawlspace

Moisture: A Crawlspace’s Worst Enemy

Unfortunately, Aiken homes have to deal with a combination of hot weather and high humidity, which creates the perfect environment for moisture buildup in the crawlspaces of your home. You see, the crawlspace is usually the best place for a house’s AC ducts, which are obviously very cold during the hot months. The hot outdoor air will creep into the crawlspace and form condensation on the AC ducts, creating moisture throughout the space.

These are ideal conditions for mold, mildew, and many kinds of pests that can wreak havoc on anything you want to store in these areas. Mold, mildew, and pests are not just detrimental to the structure and contents of a house, but also to the health of the home’s occupants. When mold and mildew creep into the air ducts, they can affect the air quality of a home and create respiratory illnesses and allergy problems. On top of that, many of the pests that are attracted to moist crawlspaces will carry diseases into a home and use these crawlspaces as a nest for reproduction.

Another serious concern is termite damage. Moisture buildup in crawlspaces will attract Formosan and subterranean termites, both of which love to feed on moistened, rotting wood. If the structures in your crawl spaces begin to retain too much moisture, they are far more susceptible to termite damage, which can cause over $3,000 worth of damage in a home on average. 

Crawlspace Encapsulation

These are worrisome facts, for sure. However, if you truly want to embrace the spirit of the South, you won’t just sit there and do nothing about it. Us southerners have some serious fight in us, so we take pride in protecting our homes from any threat. 

One of the very best ways to protect your home against the threat of mold, mildew, disease-carrying pests, and costly termite damage is crawlspace encapsulation. This service utilizes vapor barrier technology that will protect your crawlspace from moisture issues when the hot air meets the cool AC ducts. 
Crawlspace encapsulation has 3 major benefits for a home:

1.    Mold and mildew reduction: Eliminating the moisture in your crawlspace will help keep mold and mildew at a minimum, mitigating the health risks that always come with these conditions.

2.    Pest prevention: By limiting the moisture created in crawlspaces, pests will prefer a different environment with more ideal conditions for their feeding and breeding. This will also help mitigate the risks of termites.

3.    Temperature regulation: Crawlspace encapsulation creates better insulation, lowering your electric bill by up to 18% and making it easier to maintain a desired temperature in the home.

The Right Decision

Crawlspace encapsulation clearly makes a huge difference in a home…when done correctly. Fortunately for Aiken residents, Jury Pest Services provide the expert touch that proper crawlspace encapsulation requires. Their knowledgeable and friendly pest and home servicing technicians have been protecting Aiken residents for years, and they can guarantee your satisfaction. You’ve invested too much money into your home to allow pests, termites, and health risks to gain a foothold. Make the right decision and contact Jurypest today.

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