The Trick To Keeping Bed Bugs Out Of Aiken Hotels

January 15, 2022

Unfortunately for business owners in the hotel business, hotels are extremely susceptible to bed bug infestations. With all of the people coming in and out from different parts of the world, high-traffic rooms are bound to have someone drop a bed bug off at some point. Part of the risk that comes with bed bugs is that a burgeoning bed bug problem can be hard to spot, making staff and customers unknowingly mass spreaders.

These tiny insects reproduce fast, but catching them before they bite a customer will take a practiced eye and trained staff. Continue reading to learn more about how to spot a bed bug problem before it becomes an infestation and natural pest control for bed bugs.

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How To Check For Bed Bugs

Bed bug control starts with knowing what bed bugs look like. Similar in appearance to ticks and beetles, bed bugs are one of the most frequently misidentified pests. First in a line of bed bug control techniques is memorizing what they look like.

Bed bugs are very small, about the size of an apple seed. Usually, they are reddish-brown in appearance, and from the top, they look round. From the side, they are flat. Though after eating, they are likely to swell up and look redder. Nymphs, bed bugs' young, are often translucent or milky yellow. They progress through several stages and leave shed exoskeletons as they grow. Finally, eggs can be difficult to spot. About the size of a pinhead, they are clear to milky-white.

The next essential bed bug control technique is learning the signs of an infestation. Most often, they can be found in mattresses or upholstered furniture, but they can also spread throughout the house, hiding behind light covers, picture frames, in curtains, in-between floorboards, and where the wall meets the floor or ceiling. On upholstered furniture, the signs are easy to see. Bed bugs often leave feces that look like black marker stains, blood spots, exoskeletons, and eggshells.

One of the primary signs of bed bugs that hotel owners should be especially wary of is the bed bug’s bite. Appearing in straight lines or clusters, they are small, reddish bumps that usually appear on exposed skin and become itchy. Bed bug control is essential as a hotel owner because once a customer leaves with bed bug bites, your reputation is in trouble.

What To Do About Bed Bugs

Bed bug pest control starts with early identification and trained staff that can spot the signs as they go about their jobs, but once you spot an infestation, what are the next steps? Having a good relationship with your bed bug pest control company can solve a lot of these worries and problems for you. First and foremost, don’t allow any other customers to stay in an affected room or adjacent rooms as bed bugs can travel under doors and through wall voids. Second, call Jury Pest Services right away to get those rooms back in business and protect your reputation.

How To Treat Bed Bugs: Jury Pest Services

Your Aiken pest control for bed bugs, Jury Pest Services is equipped to give you emergency bed bug treatments that protect your customers and your hard-earned reputation. Some customers worry about whether natural pest control for bed bugs is still pest control to kill bed bugs and whether natural techniques are wholly effective.

Our environmentally-friendly heat treatments are not only effective, but they’re quick and take only four hours to complete. Pest control to kill bed bugs doesn’t have to be a drawn-out process. Trust your local commercial pest control for bed bugs, Jury Pest Services to get the job done fast.

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