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The Impact Of Food Storage On Rat Infestations: Best Practices In Aiken

January 5, 2024

Rats are a typical and persistent threat in Aiken. They thrive in our urban environment, where they can find everything they need to survive, including shelter and food. They are skilled at gnawing through walls, contaminating pantries, and transmitting illnesses. Proper rodent control in Aiken is paramount to your safety.

One way to keep them at bay is through diligent food storage habits. In this blog, the JPS experts will guide you through the process, explaining why properly sealed containers are a crucial defense strategy against rodent intrusions and going over everything you need to know, from cleaning habits to rat-resistant materials.

Rat near an Aiken home.

Properly Sealed Containers: A Key Defense Against Rodent Intrusion

Few things beat properly sealed containers in the year-long battle against rodent infestations. Rats, seeking shelter and nourishment, will stop at nothing to exploit even the smallest openings to get inside your home. Imagine how quickly they can get into paper bags when they can chew through walls.

Investing in airtight containers for your pantry can prevent these pests from contaminating your food and discourage them from taking over. Plastic or glass containers with secure lids are typically best at thwarting their attempts at accessing your staples.

We also recommend prioritizing additional preventative strategies, including regular inspections and maintaining effective cleaning habits daily.


Cleaning Habits: Maintaining Hygiene To Discourage Rodents

Conscientious cleaning habits are pivotal in discouraging rodent intrusions, as they enhance your home's overall hygiene and eliminate potential attractants for unwanted intruders.

Remember, everything from spills to food residues can become invitations for various types of rats seeking sustenance. Promptly cleaning up and keeping your property clutter-free will create an inhospitable environment for many pests, including rats and mice.

Some of the best strategies include sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. They will effectively remove food particles and reduce the likelihood of infestations. Keeping your trash cans clean and tightly closed will further deter scavenging rodents. Still, keeping your home sparkling clean is not enough if rats can access your stored items.


Rat-Resistant Materials: Investing In Pest-Proof Storage Solutions

Rat-resistant materials are paramount, as these rodents are notorious for their ability to gnaw through everything from paper to thin plastics. During our initial consultation, we will review the many options to keep your stored items and food away from destructive invaders.

Metal, glass, and durable plastic are some of the best alternatives to paper and cardboard. Prioritizing them can help protect your home and make it a more hygienic space. And when you need more to keep rats away, the JPS experts are here to help.


Choosing The Right Rat Control: Contact Us To Learn More

At JPS, we strive to protect you from the problems caused by rodent infestations. Armed with cutting-edge rat control tools, our expert team will remove these unhygienic scavengers for good, starting with a thorough inspection. We always tailor our approach to your situation, offering options like specialized rodent snap traps, control baits with pheromone trails, and exclusion strategies.

One of our offerings, the ActiveSense by Corteva, is an innovative solution for remote monitoring and analytics that makes rodent control efficient and affordable. It is an excellent option for many property owners, especially if you are at high risk of infestations.

Contact us today for a comprehensive inspection and to explore our residential and commercial pest control services. Once we have determined the factors that led to your intrusion, we will do the heavy lifting to end it for good.

The JPS rat exterminators have the tools and strategies to free your property from these dangerous rodents. Schedule an inspection today to get started.

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