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Ant Control And Home Inspections: Assessing And Addressing Infestations In Aiken

January 10, 2024

Ants are often considered harmless pests in Aiken homes. While most don't cause serious problems, they can contaminate food and surfaces. Others can damage your structure or spread illnesses to residents and require professional help for their removal.

These insects number in the thousands and constantly invade buildings, so locals need expert ant control in Aiken to protect their properties. Fortunately, nearby pest professionals have the knowledge to produce a pest-free home. Read on to learn more about ants and how to keep them from causing problems on your property.


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Clear Signs Of An Ant Infestation In Your Home

Ant infestations begin outside, and workers find tiny cracks or gaps in your exterior for entry. They invade for food and water for their colonies, and the trouble they cause depends on the species. These issues can range from food contamination to wood damage.

The easiest way to identify ant infestations is to see them entering your home. However, there are other indications that these pests are in your house, including:

  • Lines of ants leading into your home
  • Dirt and debris from excavating nests
  • Rustling noises behind walls
  • Insect wings around windows or vents

While following lines of ants can help you find the nest, other signs make discovering the problem's source challenging. In these cases, you'll need professionals to find and get rid of ants in your house.

Which Ant Is The Most Dangerous Ant In Aiken?

Most ants in Aiken homes are only nuisances. They might contaminate food and surfaces but don't cause damage or spread illnesses. However, some can threaten the health and safety of residents.

Carpenter ants in Aiken are the most dangerous species because of the structural problems they cause in buildings. They chew through the wood in your house, creating pathways to build nests and raise their young. These galleries can weaken the structural integrity of your home over time.

The habits of carpenter ants make them hard to discover. Rather than seeing them crawling around your house, they leave tiny holes in your wood and sawdust-like shavings around the openings. They prefer softwood because it's easier to chew through, so removing this attractant will help keep them away.

Preventing Winter Ant Infestations: Tips For A Cozy Home

Ants are always a threat to invade Aiken homes, but winter is a popular time for infestations. The cold weather can cause leaks in your house, and people store firewood to keep warm on cold nights. Unfortunately, water and wood are common attractants for these insects.

In addition to weather-affected attractions, many residents have sweet foods and beverages this time of year. Ants love these items and will infest buildings where crumbs and spills are available. Some ant prevention tips for this winter include:

  • Seal cracks and gaps in your home.
  • Fix moisture issues in your house.
  • Trim tree branches away from your exterior walls.
  • Remove spills and crumbs from surfaces.

Since ants invade homes in large numbers, seeing one means more are likely in your building. These pests will remain in your home until you eliminate the colony. Ant control professionals can ensure your home is safe from these intrusions.

The Secret To Total Ant Control For Aiken Homes

Aiken residents can find over-the-counter sprays that claim to eliminate ants. While they might handle some intruders, these pests will continue entering if you don't treat the nest. Professional ant pest control services can eradicate the colony, ensuring others won't invade your home.

Our technicians at Jury Pest Services will inspect your property to find ant nests in your yard and discover vulnerabilities in your house. We'll treat inside and outside your home, eliminating the ants and closing potential entry points. Let us know if ants are crawling around your Aiken home.


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