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All The Ways You Attract Mosquitoes In Aiken, SC

June 15, 2021

Mosquitoes are not necessarily the most dangerous-looking insects. Slow fliers and lazy drinkers, these bumbling backyard bugs appear to pose little threat to anyone, let alone people. But what if we told you that the humble American mosquito was considered to be one of the most dangerous animals on the planet?

There are quite literally dozens of unique mosquito species indigenous to the United States, many of which can be found right here in Aiken, SC. Attracted to sweat, lactic acid, and the heat signatures of warm-blooded mammals, these insects tend to congregate in areas where their chances for survival are highest – right in our own backyards! 

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Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Only female mosquitoes are capable of biting human victims, inflicting itchy bites on every victim they come into contact with. The bite of a single mosquito is able to transfer dangerous viruses, bacteria, and even certain forms of parasites and their eggs. Here are a few of the most common mosquito-borne diseases below:

  • Zika virus

  • Malaria

  • West Nile virus

  • Dengue

  • Chikungunya

  • Yellow fever

  • Encephalitis

  • Tularemia

These diseases make mosquitoes all the more dangerous, and all the more serious to avoid.

While we all want to keep away from mosquitoes as much as possible, these common backyard biters have certain favorites among people and their activities. Pregnant women, those with type O blood, anyone wearing dark-colored clothing, and those who have been drinking will receive more unwanted attention from mosquitoes than other people.

Mosquitoes are not just attracted to homes because of their inhabitants, however. There may be some environmental factors to their infestation which could be endangering your loved ones. Following are some ways to address these environmental factors.

The Other Factors That Attract Aiken Mosquitoes

(And What To Do About It)

If you have any sort of natural landscaping on your lawn, you can bet that mosquitoes will come calling at some point or another. Here are some of the primary things that attract mosquitoes to Aiken homes.

  • Water: Mosquitoes enjoy high humidity levels when possible, and prefer to lay their eggs in shallow or stagnant pools around the yard. If your lawn has dips, potholes, or other forms of water buildup, it may be attracting high numbers of mosquitoes to the property.

  • Shelter: Mosquitoes are not big fans of high heat and direct sunlight, and will often make a point of hiding away in tree groves, bushes, and tall grass.

  • Food: Any property that offers a high amount of human or animal activity will be of great interest to mosquito populations.

In order to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of mosquito activity, follow these important steps:

  • Reduce household water levels both inside and outside the home. Use a dehumidifier for indoor spaces, and consult with a landscaping professional for out of doors assistance.

  • Avoid spending time outside during certain parts of day, especially right before dawn or the late evening. Mosquitoes will be more active at cooler hours.

  • Wear light-colored clothing if you intend to spend time outdoors in a mosquito-infested area. Tuck your pants into your socks for added protection.

Think you need more than just some DIY (do it yourself) prevention? Jury Pest Services has your back. Contact our local Aiken,  branch for a free home inspection at your earliest convenience.

Do Things Right, Call Jury Pest Services Tonight

For more advice or mosquito control assistance for your Aiken home, please contact the professionals at Jury Pest Services right away. We’re looking forward to getting your property protected against mosquitoes and other biting pests as soon as you give us a call!

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