What To Do If You Are Seeing Spider Mites Around Your Richland County Property

August 14, 2020

They may not be in the market for bites, blood, or structural damages, but these tiny creatures plan on targeting the second most important aspect of your home: the lawn.

a spider mite on a leaf

The spider mite is a devastating arachnid found here in Richland county. About 1/50 of an inch in size, these near-microscopic pests are a terror to gardeners, greenhouses, and agricultural facilities all over the state. They are easy to identify by the thin, weak webs they spread across the leaves and stems of their chosen victims: plants!

You are most likely to see spider mites in the yard during the heat of summer. Low humidity and high temperatures prompted the arachnids to spawn more frequently, spreading eggs within soil, bark, and rotting organic material. As they grow, the pests suck out life-giving juices from nearby plants, including berries, melons, trees, flowers, and virtually anything in the nightshade family. It may be difficult to notice a small number of the pests, but when infestations have grown into maturity, it will be almost impossible to stop them from ripping apart your serene, green garden beds.

Thankfully, spider mites are only harmful to plants and other herbaceous growths. They post no threat to people, pets, or physical property. However, when allowed to run amok, these arachnids can make short work of your gardens, vegetables, and indoor house plants.

Spider Mite Prevention Tips For Richland Country Homeowners

While spider mite infestations are simply a part of living in the Richland area, there are ways to help cut back on their numbers and reduce damage to your lawn. Below are a few important spider mite prevention tips:

  • Spider mites get transported into the home through clothing, dirty tools, and infected houseplants. Be sure to wash all outdoor laundry well and sanitize garden tools before working with them in separate beds.

  • Quarantine all new plants for at least one week to check for signs of spider mite infestation. Yellowing leaves, wilting foliage, and spindly stems are all omens of infestation activity.

  • Keep your plants as healthy as possible by watering frequently, fertilizing often, and ensuring you regularly wash dirt from green foliage.

Concerned that an outbreak of spider mite activity has already affected your backyard plants? Get an expert opinion now by scheduling a free home inspection through Jury Pest Services right away.

Be Judge And Executioner With Jury Pest Services

With tiny bodies and large appetites, it can be nearly impossible to rid your lawn of a spider mite infestation once established. Home remedies, DIY treatments, and over the counter sprays may help to reduce their numbers, but complete spider mite eradication is not possible through any of these means. In fact, it will require constant surveillance, as well as seasonal prevention services, to keep their numbers in check.

For advice, assistance, or professional treatments covering all of your spider mite prevention needs, reach out to the professionals at Jury Pest Services now. Our team of highly trained service technicians is fully equipped to handle spider mite infestations of any capacity. From initial inspections to treatment plans, agents are always available to walk you through the steps of the pest prevention process. Sprays and topical treatments are only applied after express permission by the homeowners, keeping households and families safer than ever before.

Get started with late-season spider mite prevention now by calling the helpful associates at Jury Pest Services today. To connect with a virtual pest control agent from the comfort of your own home, don’t hesitate to use the online contact form. We’re ready to fight your mites! Are you?

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