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North Augusta's Winter Rodent Prevention Guide

December 16, 2019

Winter brings some nice things to the residents here in North Augusta. It brings sweater weather, hot chocolate, a full holiday season, and, if we’re lucky, a dusting of snow. A not-so-nice thing winter brings is rodents. These furry creatures hate the chills that are coming and will do anything to stay warm. This drives them into our temperature-controlled homes where they can find shelter in our walls and food in our cabinets.

signs of rodent infestation within an augusta georga home

Signs Of An Infestation

When rodents enter into homes, they do not like to make their presence known. The less interaction they have with you and your family, the better. This can make identifying an infestation difficult. If rodents have gotten into your home, here are some signs you can look for to tell if they are around.

  • Holes chewed through walls, food boxes, cabinets, as well as gnaw marks on items around your home.

    Grease marks along floorboards.

  • Small, brownish-black pellet droppings in the backs of cabinets, drawers, and where rodents frequently travel at night.

  • The smell of urine in the air.

  • Outlets and lights mysteriously not working. (could be a result of rodents chewing on wires in your walls)

Keep an eye out for these signs as we head further into winter to see if rodents have chosen your home as their seasonal getaway.

Some Prevention Tips To Keep Rodents Out

If at this point you don’t suspect your North Agusta home has a rodent problem, there are some things you can do to keep it that way. Here are 5 great steps to help keep your home rodent-free through the winter months.

  1. Keep your yard free of debris and trim back bushes and trees so they don't touch the exterior of your home.
  2. If you do not already have some, invest in trashcans with tight-fitting lids.
  3. Seal holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation using wire mesh and a caulking gun.
  4. Clean regularly and thoroughly inside and pick up pet food and water bowls before night time.
  5. Store leftover food and food stored inside cardboard boxes or plastic bags in larger hard plastic containers.

Bonus Tip: Consider reaching out to a professional for rodent prevention services. They know how to give your home the best chance to stay rodent-free through the winter.

The Dangers Of Rodents

Rodents are much more than food thieves and sleep wreckers, they are also dangerous. Spending a good amount of their time crawling through trash, sleeping in their own excrement, and eating things teaming with bacteria, rodents have a lot of sickness-spreading potential. When crawling through your home late at night over countertops, through food boxes, and over areas where you eat, they can spread filth and potential diseases. One bowl of contaminated cereal, a salad made on a rat-touched cooking board, or a bite from a trapped rodent and you could be in danger of some unwanted sickness and medical expenses.

Rodents are also destructive. With teeth that never stop growing, rodents are compelled to chew on anything and everything they can in your North Agusta home, especially if it is in their way. They will chew through walls, utility piping, electrical wiring (this can start a fire), ventilation shafts, cupboards, and practically anything else.

How To Eliminate Rodents

Once rodents have gotten into your home, you have a few options. Option number one is to place traps baited with peanut butter (not cheese) in areas you suspect rodents have been frequenting. This will reduce rodent populations, and if you only have a couple of rodents, this may solve your problem. For larger infestations, we recommend jumping straight to professional services. This ensures minimum exposure to dangerous rodents and guarantees a quick and proven solution.

To schedule services for your North Augusta home, let Jury Pest Services help. We have the equipment and expertise to deal with your rodent problem. Find out what top tier pest control service looks like for your home. Give us a call today.

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