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How Can You Tell If You Have A Bed Bug Infestation In North Augusta?

December 15, 2021

Bed bugs are parasites that infest homes unexpectedly when they hitchhike their way inside on used furniture, clothing, or baggage. They leach on your skin beneath bedsheets. The first step to eliminating a bed bug infestation is identifying one. 

bed bug crawling on bed sheets

Identifying Bed Bugs In Your North Augusta Home 

Irritated skin originates from many different conditions and infestations. What’s more, bed bugs evade sight owing to their small size and propensity to hide in small spaces. When they are detected, it isn’t easy to notice their distinct features. As a result, they’re frequently confused with other bugs. Bed bugs are often mistaken for ticks, but they possess some markedly different features. Bed bugs have distinct lines running across their bodies. Ticks, by contrast, come in all sorts of elaborate patterns. Additionally, bed bugs have smaller limbs than ticks. 

As the name suggests, mattresses, box springs, and bed frames are havens for bed bugs. They also occasionally lurk beneath carpet and wood floors. You may also find them in the crevices of upholstered furniture, underneath wallpaper, and behind framed pictures. In sum, they lurk in inconspicuous areas of your home where they can gain easy access to humans. 

After bed bugs colonize your mattress, without the proper knowledge, they can remain undetected. The signs of a bed bug infestation range from itching to fecal matter. Bed bugs leave behind digested blood or dark red fecal matter on bedsheets. 

They also leave behind transparent shed skin shaped like the bed bug itself. 

Most obviously, bed bug bites lead to skin irritation. If you’re itching every night, you may want to check for bed bugs in your mattress.

Harm Associated With A Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs extend their mouths to penetrate your skin. Afterward, a bed bug can consume almost six times its body weight in blood. As they feed on your blood, they inject a natural anesthetic into your body. When a bed bug gnaws on human flesh, most victims are unaware of the bite. After a person is bitten, symptoms can vary. Most people develop an itchy red welt, but some experience no symptoms. In fact, around 30 percent of bed bug victims have little to no reaction to a bed bug bite. 

At this point, bed bugs don't transmit any known diseases, though a bed bug bite can, in rare cases, trigger a severe allergic reaction. Antihistamine can assuage the severity of a reaction. Though severe allergic reactions are uncommon, bed bugs can trigger insomnia. Constant skin irritation, especially if its origin is unknown, can lead to many sleepless nights. Some people experiencing a severe infestation even report heightened anxiety, surely partly due to insomnia. 

Preventing Bed Bugs In North Augusta

Bed bugs are not picky about which kinds of homes they invade. Whether your house is small or large, tidy or cluttered, if bed bugs have the chance, they will come inside to stay. Here are some tips to keep them out:

  • If you bring second-hand furniture, inspect it before bringing it into your home. Always clean and scrutinize the item if you choose to purchase used furniture. 
  • After a vacation, many travelers unwittingly bring bed bugs back to their homes. For this reason, inspect your luggage before leaving your vacation spot. Once you arrive, immediately wash and dry your clothes. 
  • Use a protective cover for mattresses and box springs to render them less attractive to bed bugs. Consider using a portable heating chamber to kill any bed bugs on your clothes. 

Bed Bugs? Call Jury Pest Services

Although all the aforementioned tips can be effective, it's still all too easy to accidentally bring bed bugs into your home. If an infestation is scattered throughout your home, removal of infested items will fall short of eliminating bed bugs. 

Most people find more success in eliminating the problem with professional assistance. General pest repellents will hardly chasten a bed bug infestation. If you’re experiencing a bed bug infestation, call the professionals at Jury Pest Services.

Don’t let bed bugs dominate your home and distress your family. You deserve more restful nights. Bed bugs seize control of your most sacred space, your bedroom, triggering insomnia and skin irritation. An infestation can induce anxiety, and, in rare cases, a bite can cause an allergic reaction. We’ll help you with your bed bug infestation. 

Our process includes an inspection, pre-treatment, and follow-up. When we treat your home, we look for areas with bed bug activity and then use a combination of liquid and dust applications. We will continue to implement follow-up treatments until your bed bug problem is gone. 

If you live in North Augusta or the surrounding areas, call the pros at Jury Pest Services to learn more about our warrantied bed bug control program. Reach out to us today to learn more! 


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