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What Is Jury Pest Services Doing In Response To COVID-19?

The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 upended the lives and jobs of millions of Americans, forcing all of us to make a number of sacrifices in the name of protecting ourselves and our communities. At Jury Pest Services, the health and safety of our employees and customers is priority number one, and that is something that will never change. With that said, we have taken a number of steps to help protect both our team and your family by reducing the risk of virus transmission during our service appointments.

To avoid virus transmission, our team will primarily focus on the exterior of your property to ensure that common indicators of pest infestation such as rodent entry points, termite mud tubes, excess moisture, and other conditions conducive to pests are not present, only venturing indoors to treat specific pests or conducive conditions found within.

Jury Pest Services Updated Employee Safety Protocols

Jury Pest employees have been instructed to follow a number of new safety and hygiene protocols designed to help them protect themselves and others from COVID-19 transmission. These safety protocols include:

  • Employees are advised to follow the CDC’s recommendations and stay home from work should they feel ill or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, or if someone in their house exhibits symptoms. 

  • Employees are required to notify management immediately should they feel ill or begin experiencing flu-like symptoms.

  • Employees are required to have their temperatures taken every morning before coming into work and to report any concerns to their supervisor. 

  • Employees are required to submit to verify that they have recently had their temperature taken or submit to a temperature check at the facility’s request. 

  • Employees are expected to wear face masks at all times.

  • Employees are expected to avoid congregating in groups. 

  • Only scheduled visitors will be allowed access into the building.

  • Employees are encouraged to work from home when possible.

  • Employees should not shake hands with coworkers or customers. 

  • Employees must regularly wash their hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds, especially before entering a vehicle or before returning to their desk.

  • Employees should clean and disinfect any surfaces or objects they touch, including desk areas or vehicles they use.

  • Phones must be wiped down and disinfected at multiple intervals throughout the day.

  • Employees must cover their nose or mouth when coughing or sneezing. If you use a tissue, you must safely dispose of it immediately and follow-up by washing your hands. 

Jury Pest Technician Social Distancing Protocols 

In addition to the general employee protocols listed above, Jury Pest technicians are required to follow several additional social distancing protocols while making their regular service visits. These guidelines help reduce virus transmission by eliminating direct face-to-face contact between technicians and customers.

Jury Pest Services social distancing protocols include: 

  • Technicians should keep a minimum of 6ft distance from others at all times

  • When they arrive at your home, technicians will knock on your door to alert you that they have arrived before stepping back several feet from the door to speak to you 

  • Once you knock on a customer’s door to let them know you are at their home, step back from the door to give the customer distance.

  • Technicians should only come into the office when necessary, such as when picking up supplies.

  • Only one technician will be allowed per vehicle.

For existing residential customers, outside service should be the standard default. This is not new. Our primary goal has always been to protect a home by placing an exterior perimeter barrier around the structure to stop pests from gaining access inside the home. Necessary inside service is permitted provided that the Mandatory Customer Qualification and Mandatory PPE and Protective Measures below are followed.

Mandatory Protective Measures For Interior Treatments

While the main goal of residential pest control is to form a protective barrier around the perimeter of your home in order to stop pests from gaining entry inside, interior services will sometimes be necessary. Should a technician need to enter your home for treatment, he or she will follow certain safety protocols for both your and their safety. These protocols include:

  • Technicians must wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times when inside your home or when handling materials that require PPE. This includes a face mask or respirator which must be worn at all times. 

  • Technicians must wear disposable gloves at all times while inside your home in accordance with CDC recommendations. Technicians must remove and replace gloves between each service stop. Gloves must be turned inside-out and disposed of safely.

  • All technicians must wear shoe covers when entering residences. 

  • Instead of signing the service agreement on their mobile screens, technicians will instead ask for your three initials and record them in the signature spot. 

  • When returning to their vehicles, technicians must sanitize any items used during treatment before removing their protective gloves. 

Mandatory Customer Qualification

“Mandatory Customer Qualification” is a process by which technicians can avoid putting themselves and others at risk for COVID-19. Customer qualification follows a series of questions that technicians or other employees will ask customers prior to coming inside their homes. The questions are as follows:

1. Have you or anyone inside your home been sick or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 within the last two weeks?

2. Have you or anyone inside your home been exposed to someone sick or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 within the last two weeks?

3. Have you traveled within the last two weeks, specifically by air or to a different country?

4. Have you been asked to self-quarantine by your employer or by a government agency? 

Should the customer answer “Yes” to any of the above questions, service should be rescheduled to a later date. 

Unfortunately, pests never stop, even during a pandemic, so pest control remains a necessity to keep you safe from the many hazards that pests bring. By following these protocols along with guidelines provided by the CDC and other government agencies, it is our hope that we can protect our employees and the communities we serve as much as possible during these difficult times. If you have any questions about the methods we use or why, reach out to us today for more information.


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